Walker Power Truck Rack for Rear Deck

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Photo 1 » A few years ago I cut some White Ash and Black Cherry trees from our bush lot. After cutting into boards at the saw mill, I air dried them outside.


Photo 2 » After ripping the boards I planned them to ¾ inch thick, then put them through my thickness sander.


Photo 3 » This planner may be old but it sure is accurate. And yes it is under the ¾ but the steel stake brackets were welded to fit the exact ¾ by 2 ½ so after sanding and finishing, I have a perfect fit.


Photo 4 » Don't be fooled by the photo, the camera seems to curve the boards, believe me, the boards are straight.


Photo 5 » Adding some stain sure brings out the grain and beauty of this wood.


Photo 6 » I found some Gliden Polyurethane gloss 51 finish that had been kicking around my shop for years but yet, still looks good.

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Photo 7 » Marking out the pieces so I don't make any mistakes. I only finished enough pieces to complete the job.


Photo 8 » Starting to assemble the pieces, I used brass flat head wood screws and brass beveled washers.


Photo 9 » The racks are all assembled but no hinges have been installed at this point.


Photo 10 » I call these a hinge, some call them rack hooks and eyes ? anyway I made these from some scrap pipe, flat metal and rod.


Photo 11 » I used longer hinge pins for the bottom and shorter pins for the top, this allows easier inserting into the mating hinge.


Photo 12 » Yup! I just had to take her for a little ride and see how she looks.

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Photo 13 » So what do you think ?             I like it.

Another real fun project.
Without the racks on the back it was difficult to carry things like fold up chairs or a soft cooler for my lunch and drinks when I attend car shows. Also in the event I take little children in a parade or a nice slow ride it gives them something to hang on to.
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