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This photo was from Google some time ago and I think it was used in a movie, but I am not sure. Notice the carrier on the back is a little different than the one below.


Golf carts were some of the first Walker products and I would like to have more photos of carts.


This Walker has the rear wheels at the same width as the front. Also the doors look like they are metal, mine are canvas over a steel frame, and there is a box on the back. The front bumper is heavier and the headlights are flush.


I think this photo is from the Walker Archives ? it looks very similar to the truck I have and the box on the back is out further and this may allow the box to dump. The front seats have a support on the side.

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Another version of the personnel carrier, the foot rests are a part of the frame and the seats appear to be fastened to the rear deck and not as portable or removable as the photo above.


Waiting for more photos.


Waiting for more photos.


Waiting for more photos.

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Waiting for more photos.


Waiting for more photos.


Waiting for more photos.


Waiting for more photos.

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