Walker Power Truck Deck Rebuild

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Photo 1 With the deck removed from the truck and flipped over you can see some wood rot I believe may have been caused from the battery fumes.


Photo 2 The top of the deck was also showing signs of age with holes rusted through the metal panels.


Photo 3 Here is a close up of the rollers that are used to guide the deck into place and can be seen in photo 1 near the top of the deck.


Photo 4 The roller brackets were bolted through the ¾ inch plywood with ¼ carriage bolts and you can see how the nuts are rusted solid. I cut through the nuts with the Dremel.


Photo 5 The under side of the metal panels.


Photo 6

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Photo 7 Without the Dremel most of these bolts would be impossible to remove.


Photo 8 Some nuts were counter sunk to be flush with the wood and there was no other way to remove them without cutting in half.


Photo 9 This is what is left of the nuts and bolts. In the top right you will see what is left of the two Dremel #EZ409 thin cut off wheels.


Photo 10 The ball berrings on the roller brackets ( photo 3 & 4 ) were also rusted and the only way I could remove the bearings was to break them.


Photo 11 I found some Delrin and machined new rollers to replace the ball bearings, I then drilled and taped the shaft to hold the countersunk rollers in place. The ball bearings were held in place by center punching the end of the shaft.


Photo 12 I used the Dremel #EZ544 cutting/shaping wheel to form the wheel detent in the underside of the deck. As the deck is rolled into place the wheels fit into these detents and allow the deck to sit on the truck frame. Good thinking on the part of the designer/builder in 1964.

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Photo 13 Fitting the ¾ inch plywood onto the truck body for a good fit before I screw the metal panels in place.


Photo 14 I was very lucky to find some ¾ inch plywood in the materials from my Dad's estate. Here in Canada everything is metric so ¾ plywood is now 19mm. This is STUPID.


Photo 15 I machined the top of the carriage bolts to a nice campher, for no other reason than I think it looks nicer.


Photo 16 The deck is finished, all painted and ready to be installed. When I had the metal panels fabricated I asked to have four stake pockets as well, these pockets will be fastened to the deck to support the wooden racks I intend to build.

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