Welcome to My Tractors page
The photos include some of the tractors I have restored,
however I still have lots to do but just don't seem to have the time.

Massey-Harris-Ferguson Pony Tractor

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Pony LH View

Pony Tractor with Disc attachment
Do you know of other attahments available ?
Sickle Mower #LA228 Drive housing #850 342 M1 MH

Pony RH View

Right side photo.
Single lever controls hydraulics at rear and between wheels.

Name plate and Serial #

Name plate with Manufacture and Serial Number
Manufacture date 1954 I think ? .

Rear Tire

I tried to highlight the information on the rear tire with chalk.

Disc attachment

A better view of the Disc attachment
It is in very good shape with very little use.

Rear tire

This may be a better photo of the rear tire.
Front tires are worn but both Rear are in excelent shape.

cultivator cultivator
cultivator cultivator

Ford 8N

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Ford 8N LH View

Ford 8N after rebuild, electrics has been converted to 12V

Ford 8N RH View

Another View

Before Split

Ford 8N before spliting for Ring Gear replacement


After the split

Ford 8N LH View

Ford 8N after rebuild

Barbara on the Ford

Barbara on the Ford

International Harvester Super A

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Super A

Super A before I pulled it out of storage

Super A ID Plate

Manufacture ID and Serial Number

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Simplicity VC     7 hp, 3 speed with Hi Lo range


This is a great little tractor with lots of power, it has a 7 horse Briggs & Stratton engine with rope start and has always started on the first or second pull.Mod. 19 Engine Ser. #1009 594469 Type #706029


As you can see there are 3 speeds forward and reverse with a Hi/Lo range.


The 30" sickle mower is attached, mfg.#990028
WM model #5637-38 SIM

simplicity mower

Tractor with the sickle mower

simplicity with cultivator

With the cultivator attachment 6 tooth adjustable mfg. #990021
WM Model #5331 SIM

simplicity with trailer

With the trailer I built.

simplicity trailer simplicity trailer and me

Yup, that's me

Trailer tilted

With the racks off and the trailer tilted, 9' 7" from tip to toe and the bed is 59" long by 41" wide.

simplicity manuals

Manuals for tractor and attachments

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Scooter and Ford 2N


Not a tractor,,,,, but it is my new toy.
Now Barbara can drive Grandpa's scooter and we can go scootering.

Ford 2 N

Thats Robert behind the Ford 2N I bought from him Sept. 09. An hour and a half drive to the farm on a real nice day. It came with the sickle mower. I will use the mower along the side road.

International Harvester Cub

IH Cub 01a

International Harvester McCormick Farmall Cub Built in Chicago Illinois U.S.A.

IH Cub 02a

Serial #92919 Model Cub, Max RPM 1800, 3 speed and Rev.

IH Cub 03a

I was plowing Yesterday July 21 2009 and the plow works Great
Front Tires Goodyear Super Rib 4.00-12 4 ply made in Canada
Rear Tires Goodyear Sure Grip 8-24 R-1 2 ply made in Canada

IH Cub 04a

I also have some cultivator attachments but not a complete set. Carborator 251234R-92 IH, Starter Delco Remy 6 Volt

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