Nissan NV 2500 HR. YUP, I can stand up inside.

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This Nissan replaces the 2003 Chevrolet Express Van, it was 10 years old with only 93,200 km but it was time to trade. And the most important reason, I couldn't fit the Walker Truck in the Express Van.


I needed a ramp that would be easy to use, not too heavy and clumbsy. I couldn't find anything in the market place that suited me and that would carry the weight of the Walker. I had some heavy shelving laying around that was 12 inches wide and 39 inches long so I cut it in half to make a connecting devise between the ramp and the plywood in the van.


Here you can see the shelf pieces fastened to the plywood sheet and a plane pine board I used to check the spacing. Also just behind the seats is another piece of plywood I plan on mounting the winch onto.


In the Express Van the winch, bolted to the two by four slipped between the drivers seat and passenger seat mounting brackets but this will not work for the Nissan.

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I removed two bolts from the seat brackets and bent two pieces of flat iron 18 inches long by two inches wide then screwed to the underside of the plywood then will bolt the winch to the wood.


With the winch securley mounted to the 4 by 8 sheet also fastened to the iron bars, it was time to start some wiring.


Finishing up the wiring and deciding where to put the battery, I can control the winch from a forward reverse switch at the end of a 8 foot cable that will just hang inside the back right door.


The 12 volt battery is in the black box, yes I could have used the truck battery but I also wanted to run some extra lighting and my Amature Radios and thought this would be a better idea.

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With one ramp in place I wanted to see how stable it would be and if it would support the Walker Truck or my Honda 4 Runner. As example, the Honda weighs about 800 pounds and would have one wheel on each piece of the plywood at any given time, so me weighing 220 standing on the ramp it didn' sag too much. I think it will work.


I can fold up the ramps that would be 2 feet by 4 feet and slip them beside the Honda or Walker.
Watch for more photos. THE BIG TEST.






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