Installing the 4 post lift at the farm

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Arriving at the farm with the lift Monday around noon.


The lift package was 20 inches wide 28 inches high, 15 feet 8 inches long and 1856 pounds.


After a quick lunch I began unpacking the bundle. With the help of the Kubota, it was easy lifting the top runway off the bundle and unpacking the posts.


Setting the posts with the cross bar was a little tricky and I had to be careful the post didn't topple and hit me on the head.

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Aligning the pads on the bottom of the posts to my marks on the floor to square everything up was the next step.


Here goes one of the runways, these things are heavy and aukward. This is the left side runway. The right side has the hydraulic cylinder and is heaver.


I put a crow bar across the forks on the tractor and strung a chain from the end of the runway to the top of the tractor guard. I think the pyramids were built this way.


The cables are fastened to the top of the posts then through a series of pulleys the cables are attached to the end of a hydraulic cylinder. Tuesday Morning.

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This is the Ford 8N on the lift as high as it can go. The ceiling is 10 foot 4 inches. If the ceiling was higher, it would have been better but I didn't think I was getting a hoist when the shed was built. Planning !.


Because the front wheel of the TriCar is off centre, I had to build a runway to allow for this. The wooden runway stays on the floor when the hoist is raised.

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The rear wheels of the TriCar slightly overhang the outer edge of the runways. Don't worry, it won't fall.


You can see the blocking of the front wheel. The hoist will lift 7000 pounds. Tuesday afternoon.

See the two brackets leaning against the wall to the left of the front left post of the hoist ¿ These are the wheels that fit on the bottom of the posts. When the hoist is lowered with a car or not, the wheel brackets lift the post so I can move the hoist around. Ain't that neat.

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