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Elmwood Homecoming August 29 - 30 - 31 2014

In 1954 Jack Knap, Irvin Reir, and Norm Stock reherse their Elmwood renunion speaches using Dad's Webster Wire Recorder. They would play back their recordings and make adjustments.
Click on their names below and listen.

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  • Elmwood 1947   A movie from 1947 by my uncle Jim Jefferies, look close and watch often.
  • Irvin Reir   Irvin Reir welcoming speach. Riers garage was on the corner across from the Royal Bank.
  • Jack Knapp   Jack “The Deacon” Knapp. Jack's barber shop was next door to the telephone office.
  • Norm Stock   Norm Stock's welcoming speech. Norm Stock General store across the street from the Royal bank and kity corner from the garage.
  • Elhana Bowman   Elhana discribes his invention in 1924 of the Snow Blower interviewed by Clarence Schneider. Recorded in 1958, Elhana Bowman, (1874 1964). Clarence also explains the operation Webster Wire Recorder. Elhana caried a small magnifing glass in his vest pocket, used when he couldn't see the fine items.
  • Regie Manerow   Regie August 27 1957 singing Mommy Told Me Something.