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Charlotte Mervyn my grandmother at the Elmwood Telephone Switchboard

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Mark Mervyn my grandfather at the Elmwood Telephone Switchboard.December 26 1923

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Elhana Bowman sold the telephone system to my grand parents 1926 I think. Mr. Bowman is interviewed by Clarence Schneider using the Webster Wire Recorder. Dad is explaining how the recorder will record by using a wire. The wire recorder was in use years before audio tape was invented. Mr. Bowman talks about designing and building a snow blower for the railway in 1904. Click here     3.03 min. 3.5MB .mp3

wall phone

The wall phone with photos I had printed and framed

wall phone

I purchased this phone from Mr.Bowman about 1954 for $3.00 and had it hooked up with phone that was in my shack at the back of our property, a phone in the store and another phone at the Disneys that Bruce had obtained from his uncle. We had our own phone system. It has all its components and is operational, all it needs is batteries.

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Elmwood Quartet

Elmwood Quartet,   
Louis Manto, Clarence Schneider, Orval Sainsbourch, Frank Shilling
Hear them sing   Click Here  Mp3   3:33 Min. 4.07mb   Photo taken in our front room, Bowman House 1940′s


Dad′s first radio around 1926 I think.


Dad′s sound system was used to announce public events, dad would drive around the streets with someone beside him making the announcements.

C.G.Schneider business card

Dad′s business card from 1927, as you can see, he would build a radio to suite your needs and in many situations a long wire antenna would also be required.

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Dad′s radio Licence.
He told me that at the time anyone owning a radio receiver must also purchase a licence to receive radio signals. In 1942 the $2.50 fee would be equivelant to a days pay.


On the back of the Licence you can see that it was also illegal to repeat to anyone information you may have heard that would be concidered classified.
use ″ctrl and +″ or click on ″View″ to zoom in for details.


Clarence delivering and setting up a new Television

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Dad and I

Dad and I 1956

Volkswagon Service Van

Volkswagon Service Van 1958

Dads shop

Dads work shop 1926,the window behind the work bench is the window you see in the photo to the right. the little window in the shop to the right of the house.

Bowman House

Origional site of the Elmwood Telephone System


Elhana Bowman home and home of the Elmwood Telephone Company, note the telephone poles
Zoom in and see the motorcycle parked between the house and shop and in the shed a buggy.

Grandma and Gerti

Charolette Mervyn and Gerti Clouston

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Christmas Concert

Elmwood Public School Christmas Concert at the Elmwood Hall
Grant Stamborough, Grace Disney, Unknown 1, Joan Scott, Unknown 2, Unknown 3, Unknown 4, Ila Emke, Unknown 5, Wilma Bailey, Gail Monk, Jean Henderson, Phyllis Schuknecht 7, 1957 ?

Bruce Nuhn

Mrs. Alexander, teacher Bruce Nuhn music teacher

Bruce Nuhn

Bruce Nuhn Music Teacher
Betty Misch, Myrna Miller, Gail Monk, Jim Rohdy, Alvin Klages

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Mrs. Alexander, teacher


Mrs. Gordon Alexander 1955

Bruce Disney in front of his home.

Bruce Disney in front of his family home.


Joan Maurer, photo taken on the train to Niagara Falls school trip.

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Birthday Party
David Schneider, Don Beckenhaur, Gary Stangler, Bruce Disney, Ken Maurer, Unknown, Russel Wilcocks, Ethel Schneider.
Photo taken in 1952 in front of our 1951 Baby Austin Mini.
Ethel can play the piano Click here    0:36 sec. 712KB .mp3


Myrna Miller, Reta Pegelo, Betty Misch

Freshie Stand

Freshie stand built by me, managed by me, we ate almost all the gum, drank almost all the freshie and went bankrupt in about a week.

bruce and I

Bruce Disney and I with our clothes and bike decorated with dafodils. Over Bruce′s right arm you can see the Hiltz laneway and the railway tracks.

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Elmwood Public School

Elmwood Public School 1956 57.
Jim Gonder, Bill Powers, Gary Stangler
Gail Monk, Betty Misch, Haas ?,
Robert Parker, Jean Henderson, David Schneider
Norma Sachs, Robert Parker, Phyllis Schuknecht

Public school photos

Norma Sachs, Gordon Alexander
Shirley Gonder, Jack Woods
Betty Misch, Phyllis Schuknecht

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Elmwood PS photos

Elmwood Public School 1956 57.
Dale Fiddler, Larry Fidler
Myrna Miller, Islay Irwin
Jim Moore, David Schneider
Alan Stangler, Mrs. Alexander


Schneiders Service Van, Evangelica Church, Islay Erwin


Myrna Miller


Don Powers, Jim Moore skating on Dirstens Pond 1956

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Myrna Miller in front of Schuknecht′s house.


Walter Bailey′s car after the wind storm. Walter roomed at the Bowman house.


Islay Erwin, Betty Misch
Ann Holm, Gloria Unknown last name.

Hanover High

Bruce Disney, Jack Woods, David Schneider
Initation day 1958 grade 9′ers, carrots around our neck, a burlap dress, bow in our hair. This would be imoral, illegal, improper, and violate our human rights if done under present conditions. It was a FUN day.

Go Cart

Go Cart built by Robert Parker and myself 1962, rear end from Iseta car and front wheels were wheelborrow wheels.We built this on the weekends. 1962.

webster recorder

Webster Wire Recorder in working condition. I have transfered the recordings to digital, have a listen to some stories.
Out House ordered from Eatons .mp3. 1:13 1.40MB   Jim Millman worked for Labbatts London Ont.
Out house on the Farm .mp3 1:56 2.22MB

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Elmwood Public School

Elmwood Public School 1950
Standing on Left our Teacher Mrs Gartshore

Elmwood Public School

Elmwood Public School 1952 Standing on Left our Teacher Vera Powell back row L to R
Dianne Stock, Ethel Schneider, Iris Smith, Margaret Monahan, Don Powers, Russel Emke, Ken Maurer, unknown, Don Beckenhaurer.
Next Row ¦
Wilma Baily, Betty Misch, Carol Wilcox, Mable Miller, Unknown, Bill Powers, Unknown, David Schneider.
Next Row ¦
? Lawrence, Islay Emke, Gail Monk , Joan Monahan, Myrna Miller, (holding slate board) Joan Wilkin, ? Hass? , Joan Maurer, Unknown.
Front ¦
Larry Fidler, Robert Parker, Dale Fidler, Russel “wormy” Wilcox, Grant Stanborough, Art Schuetneck, ? Peter Lawrence ? , Doug Schuetneck.
Here is a question from my sister,
Ethel askes ,     where are the following? Morris Emke, Elenor Lawrence, Arrcot Stock, Russel Emke, Brian Stock, Rosalea Leaman, Joan and Bob Scot.

Elmwood Public School

Elmwood Public School fall of 1952 When the school burned, the senior classes were bussed to Chesley PS and here we are getting off the bus in Chesley.
Back row with cap, Stoney Monk bus driver.

Elmwood CN Station

The un occupied Elmwood CN railway station was purchased and relocated just outside Elmwood and is now a home. It indicates Port Dover 132 Miles (South) and Owen Sound just 30.27 Miles (North).

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