Some of the wood carvings and wooden chains I have completed
during Dremel demonstrations the past few years.
All wood is either Sugar Maple or Black Cherry from our bush in Howick Township.
All carvings are from a single piece of wood, all I do is remove the waste.
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The top chain is carved from Black Cherry from our bush, 10 1/2” long.
The next chain has 4 links with the two in the middle joined together, 7 inches.
Below that is Sugar Maple with 3 links and a hook at the end, nine inches.
Bottom is 9 links of Black Cherry 14 inches long.


Five links of Black Cherry at 10 inches long with a hook at the end.
Sugar Maple chain is 14 inches long and links are 1 inch and quarter wide.


2 X 2 by 7 inches high and carved from Sugar Maple was my first attempt this style. When I lay out my design I just go with the picture I have in my head at the time. I have not copied from someone else.


1 3/4” square and 16 1/2” long is the largest work I have done with this style made from Sugar Maple. My original idea was to have 4 links between the square pieces but just couldn't manage to carve it that way.


2” square by 10 3/4 long carved Sugar Maple has been the most challenging, carving the small ball near the center with the angled cross bars caused a real problem not allowing space to get the tool in to carve the ball round.
the square block in the middle was another issue, it almost falls out and that is why the block at the end was carved differntly.


Little wood lathe my Father bought for me when I was about 5 years old and taught me how to turn spindles. Between centers is only about 4 inches and was powered by a sewing machine motor and leather belt. He told me years later he had purchased the lathe through a catalogue from the U.S.A. for around $3.50 without the motor. That would be around 1944 or earlier.

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A close up of the head stock. Dad set this up in the sun porch and I would spend many hours turning away at the pieces of broom handle he would cut for length for me. The spur drive is removeable and is on a taper.


The tail stock center is not removeable and many times Dad would have to remachine the tip because I would have adjusted it too tight and burned it.


The little vase on left has a seporate ring produced while turning in the lathe.
Little turnings in middle are in the photo to the right.
On the far right is spalted Beech that was taken from a tree from the side of the road and the wood grains were very twisted, I think they call this wind shook $.


This is a close up view of the little goblets ? and the one in the middle has 2 rings that were turned while in the lathe. I like wood turning very much and at one time had 5 wood lathes, now only 3.


The spoon in the back was just one of those things that I had to at least make one of.
On the left is from Hawthorn a brush skrub that has 2 to 3 inch very sharp needles and can leave a nasty infection in your skin if the tip of the needle breaks off, however on the up side is a very tight grain and beautiful wood to turn.
On the right is a goblet turned from Hawthorn.


On left is a little bowl from Spalted Beech.
Middle is Hawthorn, there was a wound in the branch that has produced a hole in the side of the bowl,
On the Right is a bowl with a lid and bark on the side, I think is Sugar Maple from our bush.

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Goblet on left is spalted Beech.
Next is made from Black Walnut.
Little vase from Sugar Maple.
Second from right turned from Spalted Sugar Maple. Far right is pine from my neighbour Milt Neeb years ago.


On left a bowl with lid, Black Cherry.
Middle, Sugar Maple with lid.
Right sugar maple with lid. In front a wooden pully from pine during a Dremel Demo. And another wooden bowl with lid Black Walnut.


Wooden spoon from Sugar Maple (Hard Maple).
And another goblet from Hawthorn, I have at least 200 pieces of Hawthorn cut many years ago waiting to be turned, so much wood, so little time.


During a Dremel Demonstration at Home Hardware I got the bright idea to make a little pull toy. I got some scrap paper and drew an outline of Ralph and Brenda's Basset hound “Bo Jo”.


This was one of my first attemps, I purchased the wheels and axels, the wood is sugar maple and the pins used in the hinge are birch. The ears are from some leather I had sitting around and tacked on the top. Elizabeth at the time was into folk art painting and that is the end of that story.


This Bo Jo is a little differnt made fom Lombardy Poplar again from our bush and the hinge is different, I wouldn't use these wheels if the dog was to be played with, they are too fragile.

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A couple of cars, on the left from Butternut and the other from Sugar Maple.


On left, spalted Beech.
Next a little egg from Black Walnut.
A vase from Sugar Maple.
Next a goblet from Spalted Beech.
Vase from Sugar Maple.
Far right a bowl from Spalted Beech

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