Broken Axel

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Suddenly my truck would not move, I suspected a broken belt, a broken drive coupling, the shifter yoke in the transmission ? .


I knew the differential crown gear had damaged teeth when I replaced the pinion bearings in 1969 and I am sure I noticed the twist in the axle splines as well but I put it all back together anyway.


This is the left axle and it was removed easily but notice the kink/twist in the spline. This has taken a sudden shock to twist a hardened shaft like this.


I had a difficult time removing the right axle, it would not move and I think the twist in the spline was locked in the spider gear. I tried using nuts as a spacer and blocks of steel to get leverage to pull the axle.


I found a piece of 2 inch pipe and welded half inch nuts to the side and then using a piece of half by 2 inch flat bar and tightening the nuts behind the flat bar the axle finally began to move.


here you can see the two axle splines, the right axle spline finally sheared off.

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After removing the bearing saddles I wrapped a chain around the differential housing to remove the assembly.


Everything looks good, the pinion gear and bearings are great shape.


Everything removed


You can see the remains of the spline lodged in the spider gear, i will leave it there.

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Removing the components from the donor truck


The donor truck, I got this truck from Rob in Casper Wyoming several years ago. It had been sitting in a field since 1972. No engine, seats, windshield, drive belt or pullies. However it did have drive shafts and differental and thats what I was looking for.


It was built in Casper October 1968, the 32nd truck to be manufactured that year. Mine was built in Fowler 1964, I SURE HOPE it is compatable.


Removing the wheels and brake drums I tried to use a puller to get the wheel hub from the axle tapered shaft.


I heated the hub with a torch and still the hub would not budge.


There is a spring retaing ring in front of the bearing that will have to be taken out , then I can pull the axle with the hub attached and try to remove the hub in the hydraulic press.


But first I have to make some tools to remove the spring retainer

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I couldnt see to catch the end of the retaining ring so I had to try and feel my way around to catch the end. Once I had the retaining ring out of the way the next thing was to pull the axle out.


I used half inch bolts with nuts on the end then back the nut off the bolt which will push the axel out of the housing.


The right hand axle and wheel hub were seized as well


I removed the retaining spring


With both axles removed I used lots of heat and a 6 ton hydraulic press to seporate the wheel hubs from the axles


this is the donor so I want to clean it up and hopfully it will fit in the other housing without adjusting shims.

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The fit was great it went so smooth I couldnt believe it, there is about .020" play between the crown and pinion gears. I will clean off the old gasket and make a new one, fill with HiPod Gear oil and go for a test drive.

The test drive went very smooth and the install repair was a success. I am so happy I had a parts truck.: Thanks to you Rob.


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