Chauffeur Mobility Scooter
All photos October 26 2011

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Parked in front of Marians house.

Chauffeur Electric Mobility Scooter
I aquired the scooter October 25 2011 mainly because it was considered scrap ! not worth repairing.
I was looking for a DC motor and speed controller for the Pedlon Quadcycle the Pedlon requires conciderable effort especially on the hills and grades. Installing a motor on the Pedlon should help a great deal.
The batteries were dead but the scooter looked in good shape.
Upon inspection, the batteries wouldn't charge because of a poor electrical connections. I put the batteries on my conditioner and brought them back to life. The scooter has an on board charger that now works. Now I am in a dilemma ? do I remove the motor and controller/charger for the Pedlon or look for something else.
so many toys… so little time.


The seat is adjustable and swivels, has a basket on the front.


Also has a folding basket on the back.

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