New Holland L425 Cam Plate Repair

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There was no control of the right and left drive when I first got the Skid Steer. The photos below will explain why and how I repaired the problem.

photo 1

This explains why there was a lot of play in the left control lever. I couldn't find the key so it may have been missing for a while. Photo taken before pump removed. November 4 2011. I removed the bottom skid panel and found the key.

photo 2

This information was writen inside the cab, the current hour meter 2598.6 below is the result of the weld repair.

photo 3

There is a piece of key welded across the milled slot to keep the key from slipping off the shaft.

photo 4

The same bracket on reverse side. As you can see it has been patched a few times..

photo 5

November 5 2011 began removing the Hydraulic pumps. first the main gear pump for the boom and bucket. then the charge pump that keeps the left and right drive pumps flooded. Finally the left drive piston pump. Here the cam plate has been removed from the pump, now I have to decide how to repair it. New part replacement cost $911.07 each and I need two.

photo 6

Set up to weld the damaged keyway with a splatter plate so I don't damage the bearing surface.

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photo 7

Using 70 amps with DC on the cam plate and a mild rod the finished weld looked pretty good.

photo 8

I welded a little bit then cooled the cam plate with water then welded a little more this way I will not warp the cam plate. This pjoto is cleaned up with the wire wheel.

photo 9

Mounted in the lathe between centers the machining begins. The original shaft was 11/16" and I don't have a broach insert for that so I will machine down to 5/8"

photo 10

Now mounted in the Vertical Mill machining the 3/16" keyway. Also I am machining the keyway 90° from the original position, this is virgin material and should be better than maching the keyway in the welded area.

photo 11

I found some steel plate 1" thick so will cut two pieces 2" X 1 1/2" X 1" thick.

photo 12

Compare here with the original block at 11/16 thick, there should be more clamping area therefore more positive contact.

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