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Barbara's home

Barbara's home.

Barbara with Harley

Barbara with "Harley" on the Harley, Photo taken in the Kitchener driveway

Barbara on Ford

Barbara on the 1949 Ford 8N Tractor I had just finished rebuilding. Photo taken on our Malcolm Line side road

Barbara on boat

Going for a ride on the pontoon boat at Mark's cottage
July 2 2010

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Lynn Barbara and Tonia

Barbara with Biker Buddies Lynn and
Tonia at the farm. July 1 2010

Barbara and Jean

Barbara wth our's cousin Jean
July 1 2010

Gould Lake

Enjoying the Gould Lake Regatta July 31 2010


Having her hand painted by Betty, at the Regatta. Good job Betty.

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Lynn Barbara and Tonia

Sitting by the camp fire at her Brothers cottage.

Barbara with Jean

Barbara with the new lunch bag, watter bottle, hat and of course ours cousn Jean

Barbara at Walmart

Barbara at WalMart scooting around the store.

Barbara at McDonalds

Barbara having a drink at McDonalds and taking notes in here new book

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Barbara at work

Barbara at work with her walker.

Barbara at Ranger

At the Rangers game


Barbara with the Don Cherry autographed hockey stick


Shelly (Clark) Barbara and Brian Steffler at their wedding. and as usual? I can't remember the date.


Barbara helped me load the Mazda with tree branches.


Sam has a good spot to see all the action, we dumped the branches in the bush.


Barbara with Pinky and Santa at the work shop Christmas Dance 2011.


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