Ken Attkisson 1964 Walker Power Truck

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photo 01

Turn signal factory location in my 64 truck.

photo 02

Body still in strip down on old navy bomb wagon.

photo 03

Running gear after painting. Engine started well after not being running for 12 years. Cleaned carb, adjusted valves, changed plugs, rebuilt fuel pump, and installed a new rubber casting on end of breather tube.

photo 04

Shows new one wire alternator. Will construct new wiring harness when body is reinstalled.

photo 05

Shows removed box body hanging from monorail. Body will be repaired later after unit is mobile.

photo 06

Body fully stripped of accessories and floor rubber. Major rust under rubber from trapped water.

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photo 07

Shows previous damage to front steel from a parade collision when brakes failed many years ago.

photo 08

Steering wheel spindle arriagnment. Its hard getting a straight bore plastic steering wheel that has been on 53 years.

photo 09

photo 010

photo 011

photo 012

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photo 013

photo 014

photo 015

photo 016

photo 017


photo 018

Ken sent these photos September 2017

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photo 019

Your truck looks GREAT

photo 020

Nice work Ken

photo 021

photo 022

photo 023

photo 024

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